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Opalina - here the world is seen differently. The way we look at every advancement of technology, in which we actively participate, makes that difference. At Opalina, the IT services we offer you are always way ahead in quality, value and effectiveness.

We at Opalina constantly look ahead to offer world-class solutions and value-added services.With a client driven approach that include meticulous planning, insightful research, creative designing and aligned building,we focus on the interconnectivity and the flexibility for an excellent output, ensuring every project as an experience by itself.

We at Opalina Technologies believe that, by collaboration, exercises of innovation rise to higher levels. We are a society of technology enthusiasts exhibiting a unique class in every single project we do. Opalina is the hub of technology –of things that matter today and all days ahead.

Etymology: The name Opalina is both scientific and mystic. In biological sciences it is the commensal genera that is known for its mutualistic properties. Opalina is an opalescent precious stone from India that is known to radiate light from all its sides. Opalina technologies, radiate technology and strives to be the illumination for our clients’ Digital Leadership.


Today, The Web Domain demands attention! Web product design, Web applications, E-commerce Solutions, Open Source Software integration and everything that is necessary in the Web Domain, comes in handy with Team Opalina. We work on a one-2-one communication model with our clients and create products that are user specific.


As the world gets faster every day, Opalina passionately offers custom mobility solutions for iOS, Android, Windows platforms. Our team of experts help you stay ahead of the game! We provide consumers with tools that redefine user experience, helping them handle critical tasks and make informed decisions in real time.


Launching enterprises to their next level with our enterprise solutions is our responsibility, with our ace services in design, consulting and system support. When creating for you we always keep in mind the scalability, agility, security and various platform adaptability of our end product.


We listen, we act and we help you excel. Our consulting solutions, with the highly proficient specialists and our worldwide industrial presence, are dedicated for client services in totem. We catch the trends and updates sooner and help our clients adjust to every challenge with great success.

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